The Clario Sort node is used to sort data by a given attribute or attributes in ascending or descending order.


Dealing with null values

When sort is ascending, null values will sort first.


The Sort node has only one configuration tab.

Configuration Tab


The Available Attributes list box displays all of the attributes for the input data stream. To sort the data, drag and drop the desired attributes from the Available Attributes list box to the Selected Attributes list box. At least one attribute must be placed in the Selected Attributes list. To change the Sort Order of an attribute, click on the attribute’s current sort order and choose Ascending or Descending in the dropdown list. The default sort order is Ascending.

Data will be sorted based on the order of the selected attributes. Attributes in the Selected Attributes list can be reordered by dragging them to the desired position within the Selected Attributes box.

Output Stream

All Selected and Available Attributes are passed through to the Sort node’s outgoing connector. Attribute order will be retained.