Workflow Perspective


The Workflow Perspective is the environment used to author new or edit existing Workflows. The Workflow Perspective consists of an authoring Canvas, an Explorer Window to aid navigation, and a Workflow Node Library containing all available Workflow Nodes.

Workflow Canvas

The Workflow Canvas is the main portion of the workflow perspective. It is displayed when a workflow is opened. The Workflow Canvas is used to author new or edit existing workflows via Flow-Based Programming.

Explorer Window


The Explorer Window is positioned in the lower right corner of the Workflow Canvas. The Explorer Window is a miniature representation of the entire workflow canvas.

Moving the mouse over the Explorer Window opens it; it will close automatically in a few seconds after the mouse is moved away. Clicking on the window will reposition the center of the main Workflow Canvas to the point that was clicked. Clicking the pushpin icon on the top right of the window will cause the window to remain open. Clicking the pushpin icon again will undo this action, causing the window to revert to its default behavior.

If you are closing a workflow and changes have been made and not yet saved, you will be prompted to save the workflow (choose Yes, No, or Cancel).

Workflow Node Library

When a workflow is open, the Workflow Node Library is displayed directly below the Workflow Canvas. The Workflow Node Library contains all available Workflow Nodes.


Navigating the Canvas

Click on any empty area of the Workflow Canvas and drag to pan the view of the canvas down, up, left, or right. This is beneficial when interacting with larger workflows.

Adding a Node to the Canvas

To add a node to the canvas, drag a node from the Workflow Node Library and drop it onto the current workflow canvas.

Selecting Nodes

In order to interact with a node or group of nodes on the workflow canvas, the node(s) must first be selected:

  • To select a single node, click on the node
  • To select multiple nodes, [CTRL] + click on each desired node, or press [CTRL] + A to Select All nodes on the open workflow
  • A selected node will be displayed with a white shadow around its border
  • To deselect all selected nodes, click on a blank area on the canvas
  • To deselect a single node, [CTRL] + click on the desired node

Moving Nodes

Once the nodes are selected drag and drop can be used to move them around the canvas.

Deleting Nodes

Once the nodes are selected the [Delete] or [Backspace] button can be used to remove them from the canvas.

Opening a Node Configuration

Double click on any node to open its configuration.

Cutting, Copying, or Pasting Nodes

When selected, nodes can be Cut, Copied, and/or Pasted on the same or a different workflow using the buttons on the Workbench Toolbar. It is also possible to use the keyboard shortcuts for Cut ([CTRL] + X), Copy ([CTRL] + C), and Paste ([CTRL] + V).