Clario can automatically provide file transfer, workflow status, and job status updates by sending email notifications based on user-defined preferences, and in-app notifications which are ephemeral.

Email Notifications

Email notifications preferences can be managed in Atrium or Workbench.

In the Preferences dialog, there are settings for File Movement and Run Execution. The File Movement settings are: Add Files From Shared, Copy Files To Shared, Copy Files To SFTP, and SFTP File Processing. The Run Execution settings are: Workflow Run Success/Failure and Job Run Success/Failure. By default, everything is unchecked.

If any of the first three file movements are checked (Add Files From Shared, Copy Files To Shared, and SFTP File Processing), you will receive an email notification for the specific file movement(s) you initiate. If the last file movement (SFTP File Processing) is checked, you will receive an email notification for SFTP uploads initiated by you or anyone else.

If one of the Run Execution options is checked, you will receive email notification for any workflow or job that you initiate. When you submit a workflow or job as a run, the particular run is tagged with whatever Run Execution preference exists at the time. This is useful for receiving email notifications for a particular workflow or job but not all. To do so, simply put a check by the appropriate Run Execution in Preferences, submit the desired workflow, and then go back into Preferences and uncheck the given Run Execution.


To view or change what type of notifications you receive, click the User settings button on the right side of the App Bar.



To view or change what type of notifications you receive, click the Preferences button on the right side of the Workbench Toolbar.



These Notification Preferences are for email notifications only. You cannot opt out of In-App notifications.

Email Notification Format and Features

Email notifications contain embedded links, allowing you to navigate directly to a Client, Project, Job, Workflow, or Run from the message.

Workflow Notifications

Subject Line: Clario Workflow [WorkflowName] [‘Succeeded’ or ‘Failed’]

Body: See example below.


Job Notifications

Subject Line: Job [JobName] [‘Succeeded’ or ‘Failed’]

Body: See example below.


File Movement Notifications

Subject Line: Varies depending on type of file movement notification.

Body: See example below.


In-App Notifications

In addition to email notifications, Clario also sends brief summaries of these messages as in-app notifications. The Notifications button on the Workbench Toolbar changes color to reflect the status of notifications, turning green when there are new notifications, and turning grey when there are no notifications (or after you’ve deleted all notifications). The Notifications button’s tooltip also tells you how many notifications there are.

To view the notifications, click the Notifications button. While viewing the in-app notifications, you may delete them by individually clicking on the [X] button that appears as you mouse over the notification, or by clicking them once and pressing the Delete key. All notifications can be deleted by clicking [Delete All]. It is not necessary to delete the in-app notifications as they are non-persistent and will automatically be deleted when you logout of Clario.