Building a Job


Clario allows you to easily build jobs which are used to do a variety of things:

  • automatically override User-Defined Functions in order to repurpose workflows
  • sequence workflows that are dependent on each other
  • run workflows in parallel
  • configure multiple workflows on a single job to minimize submission effort
  • specify points in the flow to be notified of your job’s progress
  • skip over Workflow or Notification Nodes on any given run by highlighting the node(s) and clicking the Skip Button on the Toolbar

Jobs are comprised of two nodes: the Workflow Node and the Notification Node. To construct a job, drag nodes from the Job Node Library to the job canvas. Unlike workflows, job nodes do not need to be connected by links. Links are used to sequence processes. For example, if two workflow nodes are linked, the second workflow will not start running until the first workflow has completed successfully. If job nodes are not connected, they will run in parallel.

It is also possible to create a new job from all or portions of an existing job. In an existing job, you can click the Save Job As button on the Toolbar and enter in the new job name when prompted. Alternatively, you can copy one or more nodes from a job by clicking the Copy button (or [CTRL]+C) on the Toolbar, opening a different job from Atrium, then clicking the Paste button (or [CTRL]+V) on the Toolbar. The pasted nodes are pre-selected, so you can immediately drag them all to a new location on the canvas.

Example of Creating a Job

Suppose you wanted to automate the process of building a predictive model using a series of workflows you have already created. The job could be comprised of Workflow nodes identifying and passing constant values to the underlying workflows, a Notification node to let you know via email when certain intermediary steps have finished, and links identifying the sequence in which the Workflow and Notification nodes should be executed.

../_images/workflowNode.png ../_images/buildingAJob_workflow.png

Drag and drop Workflow nodes onto the canvas. Complete the proper configuration.

../_images/notificationNode.png ../_images/buildingAJob_notification.png

Drag and drop a Notification node onto the canvas. Complete the proper configuration.

When you are finished configuring each of the nodes and all links are created, your job is ready to run.