Search View


On login, a composite view of the 10 most recent items by type for the selected client is displayed.



Filters limit a search view by Type. Click on a filter name to apply it.

Additionally, a search view can also be filtered by tag name. Click on a tag name in the Filters to apply it.

Search Results

By default, all types for a client are displayed in the Search Results pane. If a filter is selected, only items that apply will be visible. If a search term is provided, only the 10 most recent items items that match the term will be shown. If a search term is provided with a filter, all items matching the term and filter will be shown.


To navigate into the Detail View of any item, click on its name.

Jobs, workflows, runs, or results can be opened in the Workbench. Press (Ctrl | Command) and click the item’s name to open it.


Results can be sorted by either Name or Updated date. To sort, click the header you wish to sort by. Subsequent clicks will toggle the sort between ascending/descending.

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