Data Preparation

Before you can get your data securely into Clario, you will need to properly prepare your data for transmission to Clario’s SFTP service.

Accepted File Formats

Clario accepts ASCII plain-text files with the following extension types: .txt, .csv, .dat. Files may be either space or character delimited; field separators are optional. Clario also accepts Excel files of type .xlsx. Clario supports SFTP file uploads for extremely large files, with a maximum size of 5 Terabytes (TB) each.


We are unable to accept UTF-8 BOM encoded, UTF-16 or UTF-16 BOM encoded text files at this time. If you send them, they will be automatically rejected.


While optional, Clario recommends compressing files to minimize transmission time and storage overhead.

We currently accept the following forms of compression:
  • gzip compressed individual files
  • zip compressed groups of files (nested zip archives are not supported)


Encrypted or password protected archives are not supported and automatically rejected. Please ensure all compressed files are free of encryption or password protection.

Best Practices

Clario recommends sending files that are gzip compressed. This format ensures the greatest level of compatibility and availability for uploaded data.


Clario Support is always available to address any questions or issues you may have related to getting data into our system. Support can be obtained via email: