Write File Tab


The Write File tab is found in the Factor, Reduce, and Screen nodes and allows a node to output the newly created dataset to a delimited file.

Write to File

To write the resulting dataset to a file, click the Write to File checkbox. By default, the Write to File checkbox is unchecked.

Specifying File

Specifying the output file name can be accomplished in one of two ways: specifying a new file or selecting a file. Make sure you select the correct file location as files with the same name may be located in both shared and project files. Writing to a file that already exists will overwrite the existing file.

New File

Create a new file name by typing in the file name field. New file names may contain User-Defined Function references.

Select File

Select a file by clicking [Select], which launches the File Browser. Select the desired file from the list and click [OK].

Raw File Preview

Once a file has been specified, click the [Preview] button to display a Raw File Preview of the first 50 rows of the selected file, unformatted. This is valuable for defining the format of the file. A file can only be viewed after the workflow has been run and a dataset has been created. If a previously created file was selected to be overwritten, the previously created file will be viewable.


This is where the output file will be written to. Locations may contain User-Defined Function references. If a constant reference is used to identify the location, it must resolve to “project” or “shared”. If no location is specified, it will default to project.


Select the attribute delimiter from the drop down. The available delimiters are comma, semi-colon, pipe, double pipe, tab, and space.


To write enclosures, the enclosure type (single quote or double quote) must be specified. Leave enclosure blank if none is desired.

Number Format

Select the format for number type attributes. Default is #.####.

Include Header Row

To include a header row of attribute names in the output data file, check the Include Header Row checkbox.