Running a Job

Submitting a Job Run

Once you have completed the configuration of your job from the previous Clario step, your job is now ready to be submitted as a run. In order to submit your newly created job for processing, you must click the Run Job button on the Toolbar. Submitting a job for processing starts processing the workflows from each of the Workflow nodes.

Viewing Job Run Details

When a job is submitted, Node Statistics are immediately available for the resulting run in the Job Run Perspective and are updated every few seconds. A job has finished running when the run tab says either SUCCESS or FAILURE. If a workflow node fails, it will cause the overall job to fail. However, nodes that are not dependent on the failed workflow node will continue running until completion (success or failure). Upon completion of the run, Workflow Node Results may be generated, and the completed node statistics are available for future reference. You can view completed runs in the Atrium listed under the job that was run.

Stopping a Job Run

You can cancel a job that is currently running. The Stop Job button is located on the Toolbar. This button is only available after a run has been submitted. A dialog will appear to verify your desire to stop the job run. Once a job run is canceled, the job run is deleted from your history along with any workflow runs that are currently running. Although runs that are canceled are removed immediately from your view, it may take a few moments for Clario to cancel the runs since the application employs an asynchronous architecture.

Viewing Job Results

While jobs do not specifically have results associated with them, jobs run workflows via Workflow Nodes which do produce results. To view results from specific workflows that were run from a job, navigate into the job run and desired workflow in Atrium or by double-clicking the Workflow Node in the Job Node Statistics.