Workflow Run Perspective


The Workflow Run Perspective is the environment used to view workflow runs. The Workflow Run Perspective consists of a viewing Canvas, an Explorer Window to aid navigation, and Node Statistics providing detailed information about the progress of the run.

Workflow Viewing Canvas

The Workflow Viewing Canvas is the main portion of the workflow run perspective. It is displayed when a workflow run is opened. The Workflow Viewing Canvas is used to view the workflow in the state when it was submitted for running. A workflow cannot be edited from the Workflow Run Perspective.

The status of an in-progress run will update so long as it is open. If a workflow is closed while the run is still in progress, it will continue until completion.

Warnings and Errors

Warnings and errors are visually indicated on the Canvas.

Workflow Node Statistics

Node Statistics, located at the bottom of the run perspective, list the individual node names, status of the node, number of input rows, number of output rows, and the run time for a node. While processing, nodes pass through multiple workflow node states and their current state will be listed under the status column. Double-clicking a node in the node statistics will open the node’s configuration.

Run Summary

The Run Summary contains only the Run Log tab if the run finished successfully. However, if a run fails, then the Run Summary will have an Error tab and a Run Log tab. To view the Run Summary dialog, click the Display Run Summary button located on the Toolbar while a completed run is open.

The Error tab has two areas: a brief description of the error (Error Message), and the Stack Trace.


Run Summary Failure, Error Tab

The Run Log tab contains detailed messages generated by Clario during workflow execution.


Run Summary Failure, Run Log Tab