Code Editor


The Code Editor gives users the ability to create Expressions by writing ClarioScript directly rather than using the Expression Builder. Refer to the complete ClarioScript Guide for more information.

Once you’ve written your ClarioScript, click [Check] to verify it was written correctly.


Any syntax errors are displayed in the Messages window. Your code must be syntactically valid in order to save. Examples of syntax errors include:

  • referencing an attribute that is not defined
  • forgetting to add an @ symbol in front of references to attributes defined elsewhere in code
  • missing delimiters
  • misspelled functions

In addition to syntax verification, the [Check] operation will validate your code, displaying any validation errors in the Message window.


Unlike syntax errors, it is OK to save an invalid Expression just like you can in the Expression Builder. Examples of validation errors include:

  • mixing attribute types e.g. adding a string to number
  • missing arguments e.g. test:N = condition(,,)
  • missing Expression e.g. test:N =
  • missing Attributes e.g. test:N = [missingNumber]

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