Data Retention Statement

Your data exists within two contexts at Clario: data that lives within the Clario application and data that has been sent to our SFTP server for you to retrieve. There are unique data retention guidelines for each of these contexts.

Data Within Clario

When files are added to a project, or copied to your common shared space, it will be retained until you choose to delete it. No automated aging and sweeping of this data occurs.

SFTP Storage

Files copied from your common shared space or from a project to SFTP are subject to an automated aging and sweeping process. Files are aged daily: those that exceed 90 days will be automatically removed from the SFTP server.


Files in the ‘fromClario’ folder older than 90 days will be automatically removed.


Clario Support is always available to address any questions or issues you may have related to the above statements. Support can be obtained via email: