Projects, Jobs, and Workflows


Projects act as logical containers for workflows, runs, files, and user defined functions.


Jobs act as logical containers for workflows and notifications and are used to consolidate common tasks into a single executable element.


Workflows act as logical containers for nodes and comprise the smallest unit of composition within Workbench.




Projects can be created at any navigation level of the interface. To create a new project, click on the “+” button on the toolbar. Its name cannot exceed 45 characters.

Project access can be changed in the Info Pane.

Workflows and Jobs

Workflows and Jobs can only be created after navigating into a Project. To create a new job or workflow, navigate to a project and click on the “+” button on the toolbar.

To navigate directly to a newly created item, click “View Details” in the blue pop-up message.



To run a job or workflow from the Atrium, navigate to the job or workflow’s detail view and click on the Run button in the toolbar. The run will open in the workbench in a new browser tab.

Additionally, a job or workflow can be run by selecting the desired item from a search view and clicking the “Run” button.

Jobs or workflows can also be run from the workbench.